Frozen Bread, Buns and Rolls

Fresher than Fresh

Welcome to Aunt Millie’s Bakehouse, where the baked goods are always soft and delicious – the very definition of fresh. But here’s the surprise, our Bakehouse products come to you frozen for the ultimate in convenience – without sacrificing any flavor.

Bakehouse, a division of Aunt Millie’s Bakeries

We Bake Memories. The Aunt Millie’s story is based on family, tradition and a passion for baking. It begins in 1901 when J.B. Franke founded the Fort Wayne Biscuit Company. Over the years, the name changed, products came and went, and the company grew. But what never changed was the focus on quality and customer service.

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Why Fresher Than Fresh? Our Freezing Process

Our Bakehouse bread, buns and rolls go directly from the oven to flash-freezing facilities, locking in the fresh-baked taste, texture and aroma. So when thawed, whether it’s been ten days or ten months, Bakehouse products taste, feel and smell fresher than fresh.

Our flash-freezing process locks in all the essentials of just-baked bread. So when thawed, it’s like it is fresh from the oven. That’s the Aunt Millie’s Bakehouse difference.

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